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What is Backyard Gig?

Founded in 2020 by University of Delaware students, Backyard Gig is a service marketplace where local households & small businesses can post various gigs (like building furniture, doing yard work, or even building a website for your business) and local & trusted college students can complete those tasks for an agreed-upon wage. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between college students and the community so that they can help each other get more done! 

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Why Should You Post Tasks on Backyard Gig?

Save Time

Backyard Gig helps you with your daily tasks so you can spend more time relaxing!

Hire Trusted Students

Our task force consists of trusted and qualified college students who are all local to the area!

Help The Local University

By using our platform, you are automatically helping young college students earn money while also getting your tasks done!

Backyard Gig Works in Three Simple Steps

Post Your Task

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Ms. Jane Johnson, Local Household

I love Backyard Gig! I was able to find someone to help me mulch my garden, move some furniture, and even tutor my middle school daughter!

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