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What is Backyard Gig?

Backyard Gig is a two-sided platform where local households can post various gigs like building furniture or doing yard work that college students can complete for an agreed-upon wage. Small businesses can also post tasks such as needing someone to design a website or logo for them as well. Our mission is to bridge the gap between college students and the community households so that they can help each other and achieve more together.

What Problem Do We Aim To Solve?

College Students

are in need of money but many cannot afford a part-time job with their busy school schedules

Local Households

need tasks done but don’t have the time, expertise, money, or ability to do them

Local Small Businesses

need technical work done but don’t have the time or the budget to pay a professional rate

Why Work on Backyard Gig?

Flexible Hours

Backyard Gig lets students work on their own time and allows them to decide when and for how long they want to work. 

Balance School & Work

Have the ability to balance your course load with your work life without having to sacrifice either!

Instant Payments

You do not need to wait two weeks to get paid. Complete a task and get paid instantly and hassle-free!

How it Works

Find a Task

Inquire About It

Complete It and Get Paid!


Tony Johnson, Local Student

I love Backyard Gig! I am able to work whenever I want, doing whatever I want while still having time to manage my homework and clubs! Best part is, I can make money quickly and easily by helping people in my area!

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Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Use Backyard Gig and Not Get a Part-Time Job?

At Backyard Gig, you are your own boss. This means that you can work on your own time and not have to work when your employer wants you to work. This allows for a lot more flexibility in your schedule as a college student.

What Kind of Tasks Can I Do on Backyard Gig?

At Backyard Gig, you can find any type of menial task to do. Residents will post their tasks in the allocated categories on the site which are: General Labor, Yard/Lawn Work, Tutoring/School Help, Work Inside the House, Web/Info Design, Photography, Event Help and Misc. If there is a type of task that interests you, chances are that it is on our site!

Will I Be an Employee of Backyard Gig?

Students who work from Backyard Gig are independent contractors and not employees of Backyard Gig. As independent contractors, students have the flexibility to set their own schedules.

What’s Required to Work on Backyard Gig?

To work on Backyard Gig, you must:

  • Be a University of Delaware Student (must use UD email to sign up)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Have some sort of identification (UDID card, Driver's License, etc.) to verify your identity to the resident
  • Have a Backyard Gig account in good standing
Once we have verified that you have all of the requirements, we will give you the greenlight for you to start working on the site.

How Do I Find a Task on the Site?

Finding a task is very simple! Just follow the steps listed below!

  1. Log into your Backyard Gig account. If you don’t have one, you can create one by clicking “Sign Up.” Make sure to use your University of Delaware email.
  2. Click on the “Find/Post a Gig” tab to go to the different task categories.
  3. Find a category that interests you or you are skilled at.
  4. Enquire about the tasks that you would like to do with the residents who posted them!

How Do I Get Paid Using Backyard Gig?

Currently our site does not have the functionality for online payments so you will get paid directly by the resident. That being said, we are currently in development of the necessary functionalities for online payment. Stay tuned!

Are the Tasks Paid by the Hour or by the Project?

This is something that is dependent on the resident. Some tasks will be ones that payment by the project is adequate whereas others will more likely be by the hour. To check if the task is by the hour or project, read the task’s description which should mention the amount being offered.

Does Backyard Gig Offer Transportation?

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation to the task sites. This is something you will have to discuss with the resident. In many cases, residents will offer transportation to and from the task site but if they do not, you will have to find your own transportation.

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