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What is Backyard Gig?

Founded in 2020 by University of Delaware students, Backyard Gig is a service marketplace where local households & small businesses can post various gigs (like building furniture, doing yard work, or even building a website for your business) and local & trusted college students can complete those tasks for an agreed-upon wage. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between college students and the community so that they can help each other get more done! 

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Why Should You Find Gigs on Backyard Gig?

Earn Cash When You Need It

With Backyard Gig, students can find work to do on their own time and make some extra money! 

Instant Payments

You do not need to wait two weeks to get paid. Complete a task and get paid instantly and hassle-free!

Balance School & Work

Have the ability to balance your course load with your work life without having to sacrifice either!

Backyard Gig Works in Three Simple Steps

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Tony Johnson, Local Student

I love Backyard Gig! I am able to work whenever I want, doing whatever I want while still having time to manage my homework and clubs! Best part is, I can make money quickly and easily by helping people in my area!

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