A Little Bit About Backyard Gig

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Backyard Gig was created in 2020 by University of Delaware student, Suryanuj Gupta, with the goal of connecting students with their communities by giving them opportunities to complete projects/gigs that their fellow community members might need help with. Our mission is to bridge the gap between students and the local community so that they can help each other and achieve more together.

Excerpt from Technical.ly's article on Backyard Gig

When Suryanuj “Shaun” Gupta, a University of Delaware sophomore majoring in computer science, was a freshman, he took a class in entrepreneurship. One ongoing assignment was to carry around a notebook and write down problems he saw in day-to-day life.


“One problem that I was consistently seeing was that there’s a lot of college students in need of money who don’t necessarily have time to get a part-time jobs because they have classes to go to, clubs, or they’re athletes,” Gupta said.


So he and classmate Shahroze Ali, an earth science major, started looking into possible solutions. They learned through interviewing people in the area that it wasn’t uncommon for those who live in the Newark area to hire UD students for odd jobs like help with moving or pulling weeds. They also found that there were small businesses with tight budgets looking for students to help with things like websites and SEO.


The result was an idea called Backyard Gig — an application focused specifically on one college town, that would connect students with gig work in the community.

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