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How it Works 

Find out how Backyard Gig works to start making money and ticking things off your to-do list today! 

How it works for students

  1. To use Backyard Gig, begin by signing up for a profile as a student. Verify that you are a university student by entering your student email address.

  2. Once you are signed up, go to the Find/Post a Gig page, where you will find different categories of gigs you can complete. 

  3. Click a category and browse through all the available gigs that locals in your area need your help with.

  4. Like a particular gig? Great! Click on that gig and inquire about it by private messaging the gig-poster (hover over the gig-poster’s name and click ‘message’). The gig-poster will see your message and get back to you.

  5. Once the poster gets back to you with details about the gig, schedule a day and time to complete the gig. 

  6. Once the gig is complete, the poster pays you the agreed-upon sum and you are free to find another gig to do! 

Community Member

How it works for local community members

  1. To use Backyard Gig, begin by signing up with your email account. 

  2. Once you sign up, go to the Find/Post a Gig page, where you will find different categories of gigs.

  3. Choose the category that best describes the task you need completed.

  4. Once you have chosen your category, create a post. Try your best by describing your task and key details such as when and where you need your task to get done. Mention a rate you are willing to pay for the task as well and if you are looking for a person who has certain backgrounds or experience to do the task.

  5. After all of the relevant details are added to the post, your post will be added to the category.

  6. A student will then see your post, and if they feel that they can complete the task, they will inquire about the post by private messaging you on the platform.

  7. Once an inquiry is made, you can contact the student about the details. If they accept the task, they will then complete the task for you.

  8. Once the task is completed, you pay the student the agreed rate and you're both all set! You can also rate the student and the work they provided in the Review section of your profile. ​​

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