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Welcome, New and Returning Students! 👨‍🎓🤗

The Fall Semester Has Officially Started at the University of Delaware

The Fall semester has begun! We at Backyard Gig would like to welcome all students to the University of Delaware, both new and returning.

This semester will be our first semi-normal one since the pandemic began with the majority of all classes being in-person and most students back on campus!

For many students, the pandemic greatly impacted their methods to make money as they were laid off. That being said, there are still other ways to make money for students thanks to the internet!

This Includes Backyard Gig!

Backyard Gig was created to help college students earn money on their own time without having to work a part-time job that would conflict with their school schedule.

With the semester underway, now is the perfect time to get started and make some extra money on your own time!

All you have to do is go on our site, sign up with your udel email and find tasks you are able to complete!

Looking to earn money on your own time during the semester? No problem! Become a student tasker on Backyard Gig today! Click here to get started!


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