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We Love Small Businesses! 🤗🧡✅

The Importance of Helping Small Businesses During This Tough Time

Small businesses are the cornerstone for many communities. They are what brings a lot of people together in small towns and they are founded by everyday people who are just trying to make a living and help their community out.

Everybody has suffered during this terrible pandemic. However, we at Backyard Gig believe that nobody has suffered more than the small business owners of the world. These people and their businesses have been cornered by the virus as it has caused fewer people to go out to these businesses due to the risk of catching the virus.

For many of these businesses, they have either had to completely change their guidelines, layouts and other important aspects of their business to ensure that people can start returning safely, or they have unfortunately gone out of business.

Because of this tough time, it may be difficult for many to go outside often as there is a risk associated with that. However, we've come a long way since the start of the pandemic and it is always good to help out the community in any way you can.

Whether it's visiting a local store that's practicing mask-wearing and social distancing or ordering takeout from a local business, let's help our local businesses so that they can continue providing for us and our communities!

We're Here to Help as Well!

On Backyard Gig, we are always here to help our local communities and small businesses!

If you need any type of task done for your small business, whether it's website creation, logo design, social media marketing and so on, you can hire a local, trusted and reliable college student to help you out at a much more affordable rate than alternative solutions.

All you have to do is go on the site, post your task with a basic description, and how much you are willing to pay and a college student will quickly inquire about your task!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been making sure our students are following the proper guidelines in case you'd like a student tutor to help your child in-person!

College students are local, skilled, and are always willing to help!

Need help with technical work? No problem! With Backyard Gig, you can easily find qualified local college students to help you! Click here to get started!

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