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Midterms are Here Already?! 😱😳

How Is Your Preparation Going?

As we get closer to a well-deserved Thanksgiving break, midterms for many students are approaching. In fact, some students have already had their first midterms!

This time along with finals week is the most stressful period for college students. The worst part is that it consumes almost all of your time so that you are unable to complete anything else.

If one has a part-time job, it can be terribly difficult to balance that with studying.

If You Still Want to Make Money, We're Here!

We totally understand that many students are simply going to put all their effort into studying and will not have any time at all to make money.

However, if you are a student and would still like to earn money without struggling to balance a job with your important studies, Backyard Gig is the perfect place for you!

All you have to do is go on our site, sign up with your udel email and find tasks you are able to complete!

Looking to earn money on your own time during the semester? No problem! Become a student tasker on Backyard Gig today! Click here to get started!


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