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Back to School, Back to Work! 🏫 🖥️

With Schools Opening Back From Winter Break, How Can We Help Our Children Accomplish More This Year?

We all needed a break! 2020 was rough so to get even a couple of weeks off to end the year just felt right! This winter break will be one to remember, not just for us, but for our children as well.

As mentioned in a previous post, this year should one where we hope to accomplish many more things than we were able to in 2020. To read that post, click on the link below:

Now, these items that we discussed in that post are related to ourselves. That being said, what about our children?

Our children have dealt with the changes that the pandemic brought us just as much as we've had to. In fact, some can argue that they have had it harder than us because we may be used to working from home on our laptops, but for them, this is far from the norm.

So, how can we help them this year so that they can accomplish more during these tough times?

With the Help of Backyard Gig!

This year, help your children out and join Backyard Gig today!

On Backyard Gig, you can find qualified and skilled college student tutors in your area to help your child out. The great thing about Backyard Gig is that you can get your tasks done at a much more affordable price than alternative solutions.

Our student tutors are willing to help out at a much better rate than a professional tutor!

All you have to do is go on the site, post your tutoring task with a basic description, and how much you are willing to pay and a college student will quickly inquire about your task!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been making sure our students are following the proper guidelines in case you'd like a student tutor to help your child in-person!

College students are local, skilled, and are always willing to help!

Need to find a student tutor? No problem! With Backyard Gig, you can easily find qualified local college students to help you! Click here to get started!


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